We already knew that there were two actors involved with bringing Colossus to life in Deadpool: Andre Tricoteux provided the mo-cap performance for the larger-than-life X-Men character, while Stefan Kapicic provided his heavily-accented voice. But according to this interesting new VFX reel, there were three more performers involved in creating Colossus — yes, it took five whole men to make one giant mutant superhero.

This VFX breakdown from Wired explains how it took five guys to make the giant, metallic X-Man in Tim Miller’s Deadpool. In addition to an in-studio mo-cap performer, six-foot-nine actor Tricoteux did the on-set mo-cap and stunt work, but he still had to wear platforms and head pieces to elevate his height. Though Tricoteux’s size was right for the performance, his voice wasn’t, so they brought in Kapicic. Then there was a fourth performer who served as the facial model, and finally there’s Greg LaSalle, who provided the mo-cap for the big guy’s facial expressions.

That’s quite a bit of work, but thanks to Miller’s background in visual effects and digital design, Deadpool’s VFX look pretty great. And if you thought the film’s opening credits sequence was fantastic, that’s because Deadpool was directed by a guy who knows a thing or two about opening sequence design — Miller previously did the title sequence for David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

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