In case you forgot Devil's Third was still a thing, the game's creative force Tomonobu Itagaki reappeared to confirm the action game was still in development. There's still no time table or publisher for the title, but at least it's coming eventually, right?

Speaking with Famitsu (and spotted by Polygon), Itagaki discussed the progress of Devil's Third, and whether or not a new publisher has been found since parting ways with THQ. "It's going along really well," Itagaki said. "We're discussing things with publishers; we're continuing to expand on and deepen the gameplay. That's about the level we're at."

The game hasn't been seen since 2010, where it debuted at E3. The trailer impressed, showing off a variety of protagonists and styles, all in trademark Itagaki fashion. Just because there's another E3 around the corner doesn't mean anyone should be expecting Devil's Third to reappear yet though. "It's like we're continuing to go along under the surface, waiting for the right timing to launch our missiles," Itagaki added. "Besides, if we revealed where we were hiding under the surface, it wouldn't be much of a war, would it?"

Uh, yeah. That's probably true. We guess. As the Itagaki revived Ninja Gaiden and introduced the world to the Dead or Alive franchise, we're inclined to give him a bit of leeway. Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer to find out when and where we'll finally see Devil's Third again.