Both we and fans alike have made no secret of our disappointment with 'Dexter''s eighth and final season, though it seems Showtime may not be content to give up on the Bay Harbor Butcher just yet. After talks of a spinoff continuation of the franchise seemed all but dead going into Sunday's series finale, "Remember the Monsters," new comments from Showtime President David Nevins suggests that 'Dexter' could live on in another series after all.

Comparing 'Dexter' to movie studios churning out superhero films in order to retain the rights to the characters while still turning a profit, Nevins told The Hollywood Reporter that 'Dexter''s integral role in the Showtime lineup could necessitate some kind of continuation of the serial killer series, even if the specific ideas have yet to take shape:

We're nowhere yet but I do feel like 'Dexter' is such a core franchise to Showtime. Arguably, 'Dexter' is to Showtime what 'Spider-Man' is to Sony or Batman is to Warner Bros., so I think it's going to be important for us to keep it alive.

Admittedly, Nevins doesn't know for certain if a continuation of the 'Dexter' franchise would take the form of a spinoff with any potential returning characters of the franchise, though whatever emerges will likely stem from showrunner Scott Buck's ongoing development deal with Showtime. "I hope that whatever we do will feel both original and in keeping with what people expect out of 'Dexter,'" said Nevins.

We'd certainly prefer if 'Dexter' went out for good this coming Sunday, rather than continue to milk a franchise that by most accounts lost its potency years ago, but what say you? Should 'Dexter' live on with a Showtime spinoff after all? Preview this Sunday's series finale below, and give us your own thoughts in the comments!