Just when we thought the madness of the past few weeks had come to and end, 'Dexter's eighth and final season has spattered out its bloodiest, and most intense trailer yet! It looks like the relationship between Dexter and Deb has gone way off the rails in the wake of last year's tense finale, but will Dex be able to rescue his sister from the brink? Preview 'Dexter's epic final season inside!

June 30 seems like a lifetime to wait for 'Dexter's final season premiere, but Showtime has answered the call with our best trailer yet for the Miami serial killer's final year. Heavy among the trailer is Deb's downward spiral from LaGuerta's death, falling into drug and sex abuse while Dexter fends off the interest of Miami Metro's "psychopath whisperer" criminal profiler.

‘Dexter’s eighth and final season will feature appearances from 'The Shield's Kenny Johnson, returning Yvonne Strahovski‘s Hannah McKay, ‘24‘ villain Julian Sands as a wealthy international businessman, ‘One Tree Hill’s’ Bethany Joy Lenz as Dexter’s new neighbor Cassie, ‘Last Resort‘ star Darri Ingolfsson as her antique-dealing love interest, ‘Entourage‘s’ Rhys Coiro as a bail jumper on Deb’s radar, ‘The Walking Dead‘ star Nick Gomez as a hitman that goes up against Deb, Charlotte Rampling as criminal profiling neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Evelyn Vogel, and ‘The Boondock Saints’ star Sean Patrick Flanery as ex-cop-turned-private-eye Jacob Elway.

Watch the newest 'Dexter' trailer above, and give us your final season predictions in the comments!