Dexter’ season 7 has a confession to make in its eighth episode of the season, as Dexter’s attempt to sway Deb from targeting Hannah McKay reveals a shocking secret, while Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson) plots his revenge on Dexter, only to find himself in a predicament of his own.

Last week’s ‘Dexter’ episode “Chemistry” saw Dexter’s tryst with Hannah landing him in hot water with Sal Price (Santiago Cabrera), while Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson) got out of prison and Quinn attempted to break away from the Koshka brotherhood.  So how does “Argentina” challenge the relationship between Dexter and Deb?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Dexter’ season 7 episode 8, “Argentina!”

Wondering if he dreamt his sister’s call, Dexter shares breakfast with Hannah the next morning, noting her anachronistic calendar with a picture of Argentina.  Hannah dismisses the token as a happy visual she likes to keep in mind, while another call from Deb gets out in the open that his sister is the lieutenant.  Hannah wonders aloud if their being together will complicate too many things, but Dexter flirtatiously replies that they’ll wait and see.

Later at Deb’s, Dexter attempts to sway his sister against the notion of killing Hannah, in spite of the evidence, claiming that she’d come to regret doing something so dark.  Meanwhile, Isaak fakes out the police tailing him with a decoy, and prepares to take a run at Dexter, against the wishes of George.  George reminds him that further police involvement could jeopardize the drug business, though Isaak insists on going through with it.

While Dexter purchases donuts and converses with Ghost Harry, a lucky break prevents a bullet from hitting Dexter, and he ducks for cover while Isaak shoots up the joint, and takes off.  Dexter reports the incident to Deb, but remains resolute on handling the matter alone, so long as Deb watches over his three kids for the weekend.  That’s right, Astor, Cody and Harrison are on their way!

Against Dexter’s wishes, Deb pays a taunting visit to Hannah, though the former killer insists that she’s done nothing wrong.  Elsewhere, George places a call to the Koshka brotherhood, and suggests that Isaak’s petty vendetta might call for a change in leadership.  Eying Quinn drop off Nadia nearby, George attempts to sway the officer into doing another favor, but he still refuses after what happened the previous time.

With Isaak dining and the kids on the way, Dexter pays a visit to Viktor’s apartment, only to find another killer waiting for Isaak!  After a short stand-off, Dexter gets the drop on and kills the thug, opting to leave his body behind.  Meanwhile, LaGuerta investigates a local marina, learning that Dexter once had a slip there, before curiously leaving eight months early in May 2007.

Dexter and Deb sit with the kids at Batista’s new restaurant, when Cody and Astor’s back and forth bickering reveals that Astor has been smoking marijuana lately.  After she storms off, both Dexter and Deb gently confront her about it, each subtly pressing that satisfying things in the moment can come back to haunt you.  Hint hint.  Later, with the kids asleep, Deb thanks her brother for talking her out of having Hannah killed, but even under a roof filled with family Dexter professes he can’t find peace.

Dexter next visits Hannah, unburdening himself by explaining about Isaak and the Koshkas, when Hannah suggests that he treat Isaak like any other victim and follow him to figure out his motives.  Before sending him on his way in her van, Hannah next finds time to “explain” the concept of a “booty call.”  Heh.

The next morning, Nadia tries to console Quinn that her debt to the Koshkas will end in two years, though when she heads to the shower George drops by to reveal that he taped the conversation of Quinn agreeing to hide the Sirko blood evidence.  In spite of Quinn’s threats, George insists that Quinn help them out by overseeing one of their drug shipments, and departs.

Jurg and Isaak find the killer’s body left by Dexter, and realize that the Koshkas have disavowed him.  Rather than immediately flee however, Isaak opts to call the police to investigate the crime, putting him face to face with Dexter once more!  Facetiously, Dexter pieces together the crime, before leaving Masuka in charge.

With his family at the beach, Dexter consoles a lonely Astrid, identifying with her that both their parents pigeonholed them into being something they’re not necessarily happy with.  Dexter agrees to keep Astor’s smoking a secret, when Hannah calls looking to drop by and pick up her van’s keys.  When she shows up, Dexter points out his children in the distance, unsure of letting them meet Hannah just yet, though Hannah admits to envying Dexter for his ability to have a normal life.

That night at Deb’s, Dexter wonders if Hannah could ever fit into his family, when Deb recognizes the woman's flower key-chain in her brother’s hand.  Dexter admits to having feelings for Hannah, even if everything else he told Deb was true, but hopes that his sister can accept what he’s feeling.  Deb fires back that her love for her brother isn’t what he thinks, and drops the bomb that she went to the Doomsday Killer’s church that night to tell him she wanted to be with him!  While Dex isn’t sure what to say, Deb admits to how confusing and strange said feelings are, particularly after finding out about her brother’s murderous habits.  Grief-stricken and embarrassed, she orders her brother out of the house.

On the road, Dexter argues with Harry that what Deb said couldn’t be true, though Harry admits it would explain quite a bit.  Dexter follows Isaak to a bar, hoping to circumvent the police and secure a kill to relieve his own stress, but instead casually sits with Isaak at the bar.

Dexter questions why Isaak would retreat into a gay bar, as the man casually reveals that Viktor was his lover, a secret they kept from the Koshka brotherhood.  Dexter urges him to go back to Kiev, but Isaak refuses to abandon his need for vengeance, likening it to what Dexter did with his wife’s killer.  Dexter protests that his wife was an innocent, but Isaak answers that love defies all sense of logic and reason.  Dexter doesn’t much see the value in love, given the damage it does, but Isaak assure him the heart is never wrong for wanting what it wants.  Keeping things civil for now, Isaak muses that the two share a commonality that could have made them friends in another life, before departing until next time.

Dexter wonders about Argentina, and everyone’s need for a personal escape to somewhere they feel accepted, as he returns to Hannah’s arms, Isaak stands in his hotel listening to a voicemail of Viktor’s, LaGuerta watches over Dexter’s boat, and Deb smokes a joint with Astor.  Greatest.  Aunt.  Ever.

It's hard to view episodes like "Argentina" and not call 'Dexter' season 7 the renaissance of a stagnant series, but darn it all if the episode didn't find a way to neatly dovetail some wayward threads.  The series has managed to imbue characters like Isaak and Hannah with real depth and relevance to the series, while simultaneously redeeming more troublesome aspects like Dexter's step-children or even Deb's incestuous love.  Only four episodes remain, with threads like LaGuerta's investigation largely boiling in the background, but we can't wait to see what happens next.

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