Dexter’ season 7 shows its burning love with its tenth episode of the season, "The Dark...Whatever," as Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski)'s father Clint (Jim Beaver) complicates their relationship by asking for money, while Dexter faces a difficult realization over the "Phantom Arsonist" killings, and LaGuerta has a breakthrough in her secret investigation.

Last week’s ‘Dexter’ episode “Helter Skelter” saw isaak (Ray Stevenson) kidnapping Hannah to enlist Dexter’s help in fending off Koshka assasins, while Deb wrestled with helping her brother, LaGuerta enlisted Tom Matthews in her investigation, and Quinn’s tension with George (Jason Gedrick) erupted.  So how does “The Dark...Whatever” turn Dexter's world upside down?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Dexter’ season 7 episode 10, “The Dark...Whatever!”

At another of the Phantom Arsonist’s crime scenes, Dexter muses on how people blame monsters rather than men for heinous crimes, while eying the off-kilter Inspector Bosso as the arsonist.  He vents his frustrations to Hannah later, noting his “Dark Passenger’s need to kill, though she questions blaming his need to kill on something other than himself.  They’re interrupted by the arrival of a man at her window…Hannah’s father, Clint!

Having been released from prison, Clint tries to make good with his daughter, even dropping off an old, restored dollhouse as a kind gesture, though both Hannah and Dexter remain suspicious of the man.  The next day, Dexter continues noting how Bosso fits the profile of his own Phantom Arsonist descriptions, and accidentally spills the beans about his relationship with Hannah when Masuka catches him texting.  With Deb furious about the affair going public, Dexter asks her to ease off Hannah, though Deb insists she’s compromised too much already.  When Dexter leaves, Deb takes a new medication.

While the department interviews suspects, Dex follows Phil Bosso to a park, noting the fire-starting equipment in his car, though it turns out that Bosso participates in Civil War reenactments and has an alibi for the fires.  Afterward, Dexter meets Hannah and Clint for dinner, their relationship having improved, and Hannah invites her father to stay with her while he gathers money for his proposed Crawfish farm.  Across town, a man we saw earlier being interviewed suits up in flame retardant gear, douses people on a bus, and burns a poor man alive.

The next morning, Clint explains over breakfast that he needs $20,000 to get his business going, and flips out when Hannah chooses not to invest in the farm.  With Clint stormed off, Dexter admits he sensed something wrong about Clint, and Hannah derides blaming things on his “Dark Passenger” once more.  Later at the scene of the bus arson, Deb expresses her suspicions about Bosso, but Dexter explains that he’d already vetted him.

Having gotten a call from a frantic Hannah, Dexter returns to Hannah’s to find her father drunkenly drove through her plant nursery.  Clint blames it on a few drinks, before tearing into Hannah for being ungrateful, killing her mother with grief, and making his life difficult.  With Hannah reduced to tears, Dexter menacingly grabs Clint, and throws him out before comforting Hannah.

The next morning, Dexter makes Hannah breakfast as she thanks him for dispatching her father, and questions who has more involvement in his kills, the “Dark Passenger,” or Dexter himself.  Meanwhile at Miami Metro, Masuka learns that the arsonist left behind a print, while a frantic call from Nadia brings Quinn and Batista to the Foxhole club.  Quinn confronts George for threatening to ship off Nadia to a sex club, and when George gets violent Quinn puts a bullet through him.  Before Batista makes it to the back room, Quinn has Nadia shoot him in the shoulder, and arranges it to look like self defense against George.

With no match for the arsonist’s fingerprints, Deb and Dexter muse that his “Bobby” calling card might be signs of a juvenile records case, and Dexter breaks into the office to confirm.  He manages to ID Joseph Jensen as the Phantom Arsonist, but when Harry questions where Dexter coined the term “Dark Passenger,” he realizes Harry never gave it to him.  In fact, Ghost Harry explains that he believed Dexter traumatized, not possessed, and that Dexter alone is responsible for all his murders.

Meanwhile, LaGuerta and Matthews pay a visit to the former site of the cabin where Doakes died, hoping investigation of his final days will bring them a clue. The current owner reveals that he originally rented the cabin to a drugrunner named Santos Jimenez.  LaGuerta and Matthews recognized the name as one of the three men who murdered Dexter Morgan’s mother, but Matthews offers to be the one to talk to Dexter rather than LaGuerta.

Clint pays a visit to Dexter, looking to extort money to pay off his gambling debts, rather than turn over incriminating evidence of his daughter from a past crime, a witness named Arlene Schram, but Dexter refuses to give in.  Later, Batista tries to get the truth out of Quinn about the shooting, while Hannah refuses to let Dexter kill her father in spite of his evil deeds.

Elsewhere, Phantom Arsonist Joseph Jensen returns home to prepare for his next kill, when Dexter surprises him from within his fire-proof suit!  After strapping Joseph down and getting him to confess to the crimes, Dexter realizes that Bobby blames an external figure for the killings, just as he himself had been doing for years.  Rather than go through with the kill, Dexter cleans up the scene, and leaves Joseph for Deb and the police to find.

Dexter meets with Clint in a garage, drugging him despite his earlier plea not to, and wrapping him up on his boat.  Clint pleads for his life, though Dexter assures him he won’t allow Hannah to be hurt, even accepting his own complacency in the killing.  Dexter plunges the knife into Clint, and tosses him overboard.

Later, Deb thanks Dexter for leaving them the phantom, still refusing to back off of Hannah.  Dexter pays his special lady Hannah a visit, claiming to have talked her father into leaving for good and admitting the superfluous nature of his “Dark Passenger,” when Hannah tosses out the L-word.  Taken aback at first, Dexter admits that he loves her too.

Back at the station, Deb asks for Batista’s help in tracking down a witness named Arlene Schram, based on a message Hannah’s father left on her machine.

As much as we've enjoyed the current season of Dexter, we're finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the rapid pace.  Not only are Isaak, and now George no longer part of the story, but so too has the "Phantom Arsonist" been caught.  With Hannah's father gone, it seems all we have left is Hannah herself, and LaGuerta's slow-boil investigation, but will they make for a satisfying conclusion to the season?  Are there any real threats left?

What about you? Did you get your fill of darkly dangerous ‘Dexter’ drama? What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for another all-new ‘Dexter’ episode recap of “Do You See What I See” on Showtime!