Dexter’ season 8 slices up the 5th episode of its final year with “This Little Piggy,” as Deb and Dexter put aside their differences to rescue Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), while Quinn hits a wall in a new case and Masuka questions the motivations of his recently-revealed daughter

Last week’s ‘Dexter’ episode, “Scar Tissue,” saw the "Brain Surgeon" finally revealed, while Deb began her treatment with Dr. Vogel, and Quinn continued working toward a Sergeant's position. So how does “This Little PIggy” continue the 8th and final season?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 5, “This Little Piggy”!

Dexter and Deb seethe at one another in therapy with Dr. Vogel, despite her efforts to point out that Deb’s actions represented her hitting rock bottom, and ultimately saving Dexter. After Dexter storms out, Vogel assures Deb that he’s more hurt than angry. The next day, Dexter questions his need for family as Jamie attempts to set up a dinner for him and his neighbor Cassie

In the morning briefing, Masuka updates all that Nikki has proven to be his real daughter, while Detective Miller seems uncomfortable with the idea of Quinn running the meeting in Batista’s absence. Miller questions Batista about it afterward, while Matthews gently presses Quinn to tread lightly in investigating their latest murder, involving a family friend to the department.

Dexter and Quinn arrive to the Hamilton house in question, as the man eschews a DNA test to admit that he’d been sleeping with the recent murder victim. Shortly after, Hamilton’s young son creepily expresses an interest in Dexter’s work, and insinuates his father isn’t to blame for the murder. Across town, Vogel sits down to tea before Yates breaks into the home and abducts her, Deb finding the scene shortly thereafter.

Dexter and Miami Metro dig up Yates’ past victims in his backyard, before Deb drops by to warn Dexter about Vogel. The two discreetly borrow Yates’ recent worklist to narrow down his potential safehouse, agreeing to work together for the sake of Vogel’s rescue. Meanwhile, Yates fumes to a captive Vogel about what she’d done to his life.

Quinn and Miller manage to find a witness that IDs Hamilton’s son at the scene of the mistress’ murder, while Masuka and Nikki grab lunch back at the station, Nikki displaying the telltale signs of hitting her father up for money. Elsewhere, Dexter gets a tip about Yates’ whereabouts, while Quinn is frustrated to find his witness flaked, and Matthews urging him to drop it

Masuka drops by Deb’s office looking to hire her, concerned that Nikki may be hiding something or only after his money. Meanwhile, Dexter returns home to find he’d forgotten about dinner with Quinn, Jamie and his neighbor Cassie, and attempts to get out of it. Jamie threatens to leave if Dexter doesn’t respect the effort she put into the dinner, but Dexter manages to get Cassie to help cover for him by agreeing to a real date later.

Dex and Deb begin searching the 19 possible houses on their list, while Vogel manages to manipulate Yates into leaving her alone by preying on his mother issues. In the brief absence, Vogel manages to dial Dexter from Yates’ phone, leaving the line open for Dexter to hear the conversation. Deb calls on Elway to track the number, as Yates notices the open phone line and panics.

By the time Dexter and Deb arrive to the address, Yates has fled upstairs and bound Vogel in the closet. Dexter realizes that Yates has actually hidden under the bed, and manages to impale the killer with a curtain rod before he can attack Deb. Later, Vogel commends both Dexter and Deb for working together before preparing to say goodbye. Rather than part ways however, Dexter invites Vogel and Deb out on the water with him to dispose of the body, wanting to be with family.

Well, say what you will about 'Dexter' telegraphing its punches and distracting the narrative with unlikeable characters and side-stories, but we have to admit our elation at seeing Dexter and Deb finally work together and move past the issues that have understandably dominated them for the past two seasons. Naturally, the disposal of the "Brain Surgeon" and Dexter's renewed relationship with Deb make things a bit too quiet on the Western front, so we'd imagine the final season's blood to spatter the fan at any moment.

Elsewhere, it remains to be seen how subsequent episodes will handle the young Hamilton boy, whether as another victim for Dexter or perhaps even a protege to carry on the legacy, though the introduction feels admittedly clumsy. The same can be said of Dexter's neighbor Cassie, whom we'd hope to serve an actual purpose rather than a new social wrinkle to Dexter's life.

Overall "This Little Piggy" brings plenty of catharsis in seeing Dexter united with both Deb and Vogel as a family, and even a humanizing moment for Masuka along the way, though few of the storylines going forward seem as strong as those wrapped up here tonight.

What say you? Did you get your fill of darkly dangerous ‘Dexter’ drama? What did you think about the latest episode of the final season? Stay tuned for the latest from ‘Dexter’ season 8, and join us next week for the a new episode recap of “A Little Reflection” on Showtime!