After the shocking twist at the end of 'Dexter's sixth season finale, destined to reverberate throughout remainder of the series, one could say that the last thing on our minds is what new characters are to be added to the fray.  But with the latest news suggesting a major character for both season 7 and 8, what endgame might 'Dexter' be playing at?

Though the casting suggestion is still pretty vague at this point, E! reports that showtime has begun the process of casting a major new female character for the upcoming seventh season of 'Dexter,' with a likelihood of recurring into the eighth (and presumably) final season.  Given such a seemingly pivotal role (most 'Dexter' guests don't make it more than a single season), exactly who is this girl?

Identified as "Hannah," the new lady in Dexter Morgan's life is said to be "sexy, dangerous and a force of nature.  She's got quite the past but is trying to put it behind her…until she meets Dexter." Not only that, but E! adds that "she's going to have quite the affect on our resident serial killer considering there's a strong possibility Hannah will appear in season eight as well."

Is that to say that Dexter might find himself a new love interest, after fans reacted so negatively to the coupling of our favorite serial killer and Lumen Pierce (Julia Stiles) back in season 5?  Perhaps, but as long as Dexter doesn't wind up hooking up with his adoptive sister as she planned, anything is fair game!

Keep it here for the latest 'Dexter' news, including new characters and details of the upcoming seventh season, set to debut on Sunday, September 30, and give us your theories on who this mysterious "Hannah" might represent in the comments below!