You’ve seen Doctor Strange. You’ve read our spoiler-free Doctor Strange review. Now you’re ready to go deeper. Like Stephen Strange himself, you’re hungry for ultimate knowledge. All you need is a wise Celtic mystic to touch you on the forehead and open your “eye.”

(Or just watch our Doctor Strange spoiler review above. It’s really up to you. Either fly to Katmandu and seek out an ancient wizard, or just click play above. Your call.)

In our latest video review, ScreenCrush’s editor-in-chief Matt Singer and senior editor Erin Whitney break down everything about the 14th (14th!) entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How’s Benedict Cumberbatch? What happened to his accent? Was Tilda Swinton the right call as the Ancient One? Where does this movie stack up against the rest of the MCU? Does Mads Mikkelsen improve Marvel’s track record when it comes to villains? What do those post-credits scenes mean for the future of the Marvel movie universe? And are we excited about the possibility of a second Doctor Strange?

Matt and Erin discuss all that and more in the video. But beware, this is a SPOILER review, which means they will talk about stuff that hasn’t been in the trailers and TV ads. (Also, SPOILER ALERT: Stephen Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supreme.) When you’ve finished the review, feel free to leave your comments below or on YouTube. Then watch some more of ScreenCrush’s video spoiler reviews and discussions from the past year below. Then, take a nice restful nap. You’ve earned it, hero.

Check out a gallery of the coolest Marvel movie Easter eggs:

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