The other day we were dismayed to learn that 'Doctor Who' would skip out on Comic-Con 2014 in favor of its global tour introducing Peter Capaldi as the the newest iteration of our beloved Time Lord, but there's good news yet. The powers that be at BBC have officially confirmed 'Doctor Who' season 8 for an August premiere, along with a brand new teaser with some heavy questions for The Doctor!

Picking up on the explosive scene from the first teaser, our new Doctor navel-gazes at his own power and asks Clara if she considers him a good man. Cut to a scene reflected in the Time Lord's eyes, as Clara worries that she doesn't know who the Doctor is anymore! Figuratively, that is. Of course, the real news is that we'll find out for ourselves when the new 'Doctor Who' lands on its August 23 premiere!

Elsewhere, we’ve seen Peter Capaldi’s new costume, and even heard rumblings that Matt Smith could make a special appearance in the premiere. Samuel Anderson will guest as mysterious new companion Danny Pink, while Keeley Hawes will portray the villainous Ms. Delphox, in episode written by ‘Sherlock”s Steve Thompson and directed by Douglass Mackinnon. Ben Miller will portray yet another villain, and Hermione Norris has also been given a mysterious role.

It might be a good while yet before we see a proper trailer, but what say you? Will Peter Capaldi's Doctor prove so drastically different than Matt Smith's as to frighten poor Clara? Watch the teaser for yourself above, and tell us what you want to see from the new episodes beginning on August 23!

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