After just three seasons, the ballad of Kenny Powers came to end this past Sunday with the 'Eastbound & Down' series finale. Or did it? Danny McBride, the man who brought life to "The Shelby Sensation," says as long as Kenny Powers still walks this earth, there's still a chance we'll see more of the Major League Baseball burnout.

In an interview with HBO, McBride suggested the possibility of revisiting the character of Kenny Powers, somewhere down the line.

"Well, the show is really a character piece," said McBride. "So as long as he's alive there are a lot of stories you could tell. Creatively, we feel really happy with what we've done. Maybe Kenny is something we'll come back to someday"

With such a short run, fans of the fallen baseball hero with the massive beer belly would surely like to see more of Powers, which is something McBride and "Eastbound" co-creator, Jody Hill didn't anticipate when the brought the character to life, three years ago.

"When Jody [Hill, producer] and I started this show, we were already preparing to be shut down. We didn't know if people would like the show, if they'd be offended by it, or if it'd catch on," revealed McBride.

Of course, "Eastbound & Down," not only caught on, but in its three season run, Kenny Powers and his massive ego crammed their way into the hearts of millions of TV fans, many of whom were wondering why he decided to fake his own death. McBride chalked it up to Kenny's Elvis complex.

"Kenny views himself as someone like Elvis. In his mind, he's so big that the only way he could live a normal life is if "he" weren't alive anymore...Whether or not he'll be successful with that remains to be seen but it's a step in the right direction."

And if Kenny Powers is back in our lives someday, McBride and Hill have some ideas on where they'll take their major league screw-up.

"Jody and I do have some ideas, but that's something we're keeping to ourselves. If we do decide to come back to this, maybe we will tell the story of what happens to Kenny after he walks through that door with April," revealed McBride.

In the meantime, fans will have plenty of time to ponder the future of Kenny Powers. Though he may never make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame, he's certainly among the greatest TV characters of all time.