Why yes, we have used 'Party Down' as a verb for the second time in two days, thanks for noticing! Indeed, just one day after Ken Marino announced his return to 'Veronica Mars,' HBO has revealed that the formerly-catering comic will appear in all eight episodes of 'Eastbound & Down''s fourth and final season. We know Kenny Powers likes to party, but will Marino be able to keep up?

According to Deadline, Marino will take the role of Guy Young, a fellow middle-aged athlete who still lives the high life and parties it up each and every weekend. Tim Heidecker of 'Tim & Eric' fame will also be joining the show as Gene, a "vanilla" guy in Kenny Powers' neighborhood who has nothing in common with Kenny and lacks a basic sense of humor.

Premiering on September 29, the fourth and final outing for Kenny Powers ('This is the End' star Danny McBride) picks up the action several years later and finds Kenny living the American Dream with his family in North Carolina. Kenny's HBO return will also set up the debut of Stephen Merchant's new HBO comedy 'Hello Ladies' on the same night.

Well, what say you? Are you excited to see 'Eastbound & Down's Kenny Powers make a new friend to party down with? Tell us what you want to see from the final season this fall after the teaser!