'Escape From Planet Earth' looks generic. It looks like any number of computer animated films that have come and gone over the last couple years. Films like 'Space Chimps' or 'Planet 51.' Does anyone remember those? No, well, prepare for the forgettable in this new trailer.

The other problem with movies like this is usually the voice cast. This film hired Jessica Alba, Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, James Gandolfini, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Craig Robinson. Question: Why would you hire Jessica Alba to provide a voice in a cartoon? Does anyone know what she sounds like (looks like, yes, but)? Some of these people might be fun in a cartoon (Gandofini especially), but this looks like something indiscriminate parents buy or rent for children. The film comes out February 14, 2013, so it's just in time for Valentine's Day.

Here's the synopsis:

Gary, a friendly alien and failed inventor from Planet Baab travels to earth to find his wife and daughter who crashed while on the way to an intergalactic gymnastics meet.  Upon his arrival, Gary is captured by humans and sent to the secret alien prison known as “Area 51.”  Gary makes friends with a rag tag hilarious group of fellow alien inmates and plots the greatest jailbreak in the history of the universe, all the while, distracting his human captors with wild and crazy inventions and resisting oddball brainwashing.  Will Gary and the other aliens escape Area 51?  Will he find his family again and return safely to planet Baab?  Only time and one amazing adventure will tell!

And here's that trailer: