Hey look! It’s Tyler Rake! He’s not dead!

I mean, obviously he’s not; they’re making Extraction 2. It would be difficult to make a sequel to a movie about Tyler Rake without Tyler Rake in it. (Although you could do an Extraction 2 that’s almost like a Weekend at Bernie’s where the thing that needs extracting is Tyler Rake’s corpse, so two dudes have to fling his body around like he can still do incredible fighting moves so nobody else realizes he’s dead and actually now I really want to see this movie, this is kind of a problem.)

The first Extraction became one of Netflix’s biggest movies ever, so even if the plan was for Tyler Rake to die heroically in the first film while rescuing the kidnapped son of drug lord, duty (and potential profits) called him back to service. While the first film was set in India, the new movie is being shot in Prague and as you can see from this first photo, which was published by the film’s producers, the Russo brothers, the weather’s a bit different this time out.

This looks to be part of some elaborate train sequence; about a week ago, the Russos posted a video from star Chris Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave announcing they were shooting the first day of the sequel aboard what looks like the same snowy train.

Production is now underway on Extraction 2. Little else is known about the film, including the rest of the main cast. Netflix has yet to announce an official release date for the sequel, but given that they started shooting it in the last few weeks, a late 2022 or early 2023 premiere on the service seems likely.

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