TNT's 'Falling Skies' has taken time to catch its breath after last year's season 3 finale "Brazil," but the season 4 premiere "Ghost in the Machine" barely gets past the opening credits before the bombs start dropping. Watch the first five minutes of the June 22 premiere now to find out what divides the 'Falling Skies' cast, and what major cast member bites it right off the bat!

We'd previously heard that the 'Falling Skies' season 4 premiere would divide the majority of the cast, 'Empire Strikes Back' style, though we hadn't known producers meant so literally. The first five minutes of the June 22 debut "Ghost in the Machine" see the core cast happily on their way back to Charleston before a Skitter attack drops energy fences from the sky, dividing the cast in an impressive (and explode-y) battle that kills at least one character present from the second season onward.

Here's how TNT describes the season 4 opener:

On the outskirts of Charleston, just steps away from perceived safety, The Mason Clan and the remaining 2nd Mass suddenly find themselves under brutal attack by a new Espheni war machine – and a new, deadly creation unlike anything previously encountered. Divided like chattel and spread to the winds, The Masons must each forge new relationships and abilities to survive.

Along with ‘Falling Skies’ season 4′s expansion to 12 episodes and news of Mira Sorvino’s casting, the TNT summer drama added Treva Etienne, who will play new resistance leader Dingaan Botha. We know that new showrunner David Eick plotted multiple separations of the core characters in telling parallel stories for its cast. Season 3 addition Robert Sean Leonard has been confirmed to return for at least one episode as Dr. Roger Kadar, while Gloria Reuben will not reprise her role of Marina Peralta.

Well, what are you waiting for? Watch the first few minutes of the 'Falling Skies' season 4 premiere above, and tell us what you want to see when the TNT alien actioner returns on June 22!