Despite not returning until June 22, 'Falling Skies' season 4 has been none-too-shy with footage of late, teasing out yet another epic trailer from WonderCon this past weekend. The latest prophesies a few new wrinkles to the TNT alien actioner's fourth round, along with a potentially major reveal for a mystery character we've seen in every trailer to date.

There's quite a bit to take in with the latest 'Falling Skies' season 4 trailer, which featured everything from the likes of trucks full of children, deadly disease, and Maggie kissing someone that looked an awful lot like Ben. Most importantly of all, it seems our mystery blonde has been revealed. You might chalk it up to some clever editing, but it seems that the blonde moon-worshiping girl played by 'Harry Potter' star Scarlet Byrne is none other than a grown-up Alexis, Tom and Anne's daughter! What a tweest!

Along with ‘Falling Skies’ season 4′s expansion to 12 episodes and news of Mira Sorvino’s casting, the TNT summer drama added Treva Etienne, who will play new resistance Dingaan Botha. So far, we know that new showrunner David Eick plotted multiple separations of the core characters, drawing inspiration from ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘ in telling parallel stories for its cast. Season 3 addition Robert Sean Leonard has been confirmed to return for at least one episode as Dr. Roger Kadar, while Gloria Reuben will not reprise her role of Marina Peralta.

There's plenty to dissect in the new 'Falling Skies' season 4 trailer above (via TVGuide), so have a look and tell us what mysteries you want answered when TNT's alien drama returns on June 22!

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