If you haven’t caught on to the brilliance of FX’s Fargo by now, we’re comfortable spoiling something for you - people die. Yep, decapitations, rabbits, even deadly window-washing wrought many an end in Fargo‘s second season, all neatly outlined in a spoilery memoriam segment of the many we lost this season

The Talking Dead-style clip runs through the gamut of just about every Fargo character to face the axe in Season 2, minus the odd henchman, or a few dozen cops caught in the crossfire here and there. Of course, should you not have seen the second season and plan to, stay far, far away from FX’s cheeky memorial.

Of course, there’s plenty of murder and mayhem to come within the world of Fargo, even as Season 3 seems a ways off in 2017. Noah Hawley will be back behind the wheel in a modern setting as well, this time taking aim at a “selfie-oriented culture,” with a few past characters likely to return

Hug your loved ones over the holidays, much as the characters above never will, and stay tuned for the latest from FX’s Fargo.