For a series so preoccupied with time-travel and a bleak future, The Flash is starting to look an awful lot like the past. Now that we know Robbie Amell will mysteriously return in his role as Ronnie Raymond, another Season 1 veteran has confirmed a return over Twitter.

The return no one necessarily expected for Season 3 is inbound, as Season 1 regular Rick Cosnett confirmed that Eddie Thawne would return for an undetermined role in Season 3. The Reverse-Flash’s ancestor famously ended his own life to save the day in Season 1's finale, though Cosnett also made a brief return in Barry’s Season 2 trip through time.

One might look at the equally timely return of Ronnie Raymond and think Barry is due for another trip into the past, but it’s worth wondering whatever became of either character’s bodies. Last we saw, the lifeless Eddie was pulled into the very rift of space and time that his suicide had created, just as Ronnie’s form was mysteriously separated from Professor Martin Stein in the Season 2 premiere (minutes later in their time)

There’s also the fact that Savitar has been known to assume the form of dead characters, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The Flash Season 3 will return with January 24's “Borrowing Problems From the Future,” the trailer for which you can find below.

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