The moment Flash and Supergirl fans learned the two would share a musical crossover in 2017, Neil Patrick Harris’ Music Meister was put forth as a potential villain. We don’t yet know exactly which star will test the pipes of Barry and Kara, but whoever they are will indeed do so as The Music Meister, producers confirm.

DC TV producer Greg Berlanti confirmed the news at TCA Press Tour, albeit that “we haven’t gone about casting yet.” Asked if Neil Patrick Harris could potentially reprise his 2009 animated Batman: The Brave and the Bold character, Berlanti would only offer “It’s the right question, though!”

Back in December, Harris would only acknowledge having heard of the event, without necessarily discounting his participation. Arrow-verse executive producer Berlanti said earlier in the year they’d only just begun the process of clearing music and drafting original songs, and approaching “someone we’re really excited about.”

If nothing else, The Music Meister’s involvement debunks suggestions that Supergirl’s Mr. Mxyzptlk would facilitate the musical event, but who should don those famous glasses, if not Neil Patrick Harris?

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