We’d have to visit the future to see The FlashBorrowing Problems From the Future,” but our first 2017 photos are right here in the present. Confused? Enjoy some photos from the January premiere, as Wally West suits up as Kid Flash, while a familiar-seeming museum prepares to open.

The CW released our first official photos from January 24 Flash return “Borrowing Problems From the Future,” in which Barry takes Wally out on his first official mission, costumes and all. Meanwhile, Harrison prepares to open up the STAR Labs Museum, but how long until the exhibits get a Flash-y makeover?

Elsewhere, the back half of Season 3 will begin to address Savitar’s mysterious prophecies from winter finale “The Present,” eventually returning Gorilla Grodd at some point. The Flash will also take part in a two-part musical crossover with Supergirl at an undetermined point.

We’ll see for ourselves when The Flash resumes Season 3 on January 24, so catch the first trailer below, and stay tuned for more.

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