Season 1 of The Flash left an open question as to how Tom Cavanagh would return, his “Harrison Wells” having been outed as a disguise for the Reverse-Flash, leaving it all the more surprising that Season 2 would similarly throw the actor’s status into question. That said, Cavanagh has now been confirmed for The Flash Season 3, but which of three (or more!) characters might he play?

You’re warned of full spoilers for The Flash Season 2 (and potentially Season 3 adaptations of “Flashpoint”), but where Cavanagh’s Earth-2 Harrison “Harry” Wells was last seen returning to his home universe, things got a little wacky by the end of “The Race of His Life” finale. Barry made the reckless decision to return through time and prevent his mother’s murder after all, throwing into question if Barry would have met any Harrison Wells in the new timeline Season 3 will pick up with.

Thankfully, Entertainment Weekly has at least confirmed that Cavanagh will return for Season 3 as a series regular, to say nothing of which character(s) we’d find him playing. On the one hand, we know the real Jay Garrick will be back in action, which could well imply that Barry changing the timeline had no effect on Earth-2, and thereby the “Harry” we spent Season 2 with. There’s also the real Earth-1 Harrison Wells, who thanks to Barry’s efforts, presumably wasn’t murdered by the Reverse-Flash, but then again …

We didn’t exactly see what became of the yellow-suited villain after Barry prevented Nora Allen’s murder, did we? He wasn’t hit that hard.

All that said, we didn’t learn about Zoom or Jay Garrick until Comic-Con last year, so might The Flash Season 3 wait until July to start dishing out details of its potential “Flashpoint” adaptation? Which Harrison Wells might we be dealing with this time around?

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