This past week’s Flash finale “Running to Stand Still” didn’t bring too many surprises, at least not in the vein of Reverse Flash last year, but let’s take a trip into the future, shall we? New photos from the Vancouver set reveal one killer return fans have been drooling over, also unlocking a spoiler-y Earth-2 mystery!

You’re warned of so, so many spoilers for The Flash’s 2016 return from this point on, but yesterday saw a few cryptic photos emerging from the Canada set, in which Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen seemed notably more dapper than usual, rocking a bowtie and glasses:

Many have speculated we’re looking at the Barry Allen of Earth-2, which in early glimpses has maintained a more retro-future style consistent with Barry’s appearance. What exactly separates the Barry of either earth might be anyone’s guess, but even more recent set photos tease a killer twist: a meeting between he, and Caitlin’s comic alter-ego, Killer Frost!

Series star Danielle Panabaker first suited up during prior finale “Fast Enough,” in which Barry observed a few cryptic images in his journey through the timestream, among them the chilly villain DC comics fans usually associate “Caitlin Frost” with. Granted, the vision hasn’t come up in Season 2 (assume Barry even realized what he was looking at), but one wonders if the above image alludes to some kind of battle between Frost and Earth-2 Barry, or perhaps more tellingly, a collaboration.

The Flash will return on January 19 with “Potential Energy,” but what should we make of the latest set photos? Are we really looking at the Barry and Caitlin of Earth-2 in cahoots, or have the characters we’ve come to know simply upped their fashion game? Stay tuned for the latest!

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