FOX's Batman prequel 'Gotham' featured yet another bit of bat-mythology with this past Monday's "Viper," but the DC drama will soon add at least one new face with the arrival of 'Masters of Sex' star Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent. 'Gotham''s white knight won't make his official appearance until a bit later in the season, but we've got a first look at the future Two-Face in action right now!

Per the latest DC All-Access installment, Nicholas D'Agosto spoke out about the character from the show's New York set, adding that the source material would cull from a variety of Harvey Dent characterizations of Batman past, initially featuring the young ADA as a "white knight" for the city, a la 'The Dark Knight.' And while the 'Gotham' incarnation of Dent appears strikingly similar to D'Agosto in a nice suit, we do get some off-monitor looks at the former 'Heroes' star shooting opposite Gordon (Ben McKenzie) in an upcoming scene.

For those unfamiliar with Nicholas D’Agosto, the onetime ‘Office‘ and ‘Heroes’ guest star also recently reprised his ‘Masters of Sex‘ role for the season 2 finale, and had previously been attached to CBS’ discarded ‘HIMYM‘ spinoff ‘How I Met Your Dad.’ D’Agosto also marks the fourth actor to play Harvey Dent in live action, following ‘Star Wars‘ vet Billy Dee Williams in Tim Burton‘s 1989 ‘Batman,’ Tommy Lee Jones taking over the role in 1995′s ‘Batman Forever,’ and finally Aaron Eckhart in Christopher Nolan‘s ‘The Dark Knight.’

Harvey Dent will first appear in the ninth episode of 'Gotham''s extended first season, with the option to turn regular in season 2. Check out the 'Gotham' incarnation of Harvey Dent for yourself in the video above (D'Agosto first appears at the :42 second mark), and tell us in the comments what you think of FOX's Batman prequel so far! Will we get any hints of D'Agosto's two-faced future?

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