FOX will give Batman further beginnings with another round of ‘Gotham’ in the fall, but Jim Gordon’s won’t be the only precinct hanging around for an additional season. In addition to the renewal, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ will officially remain open another year, along with FOX’s new hip-hop drama ‘Empire.’

FOX announced the official renews at the TCA press tour panel, though admittedly the fates of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘Bones’ have not yet been decided, as executives will await creative changes and further conversations with cast and producers. Additionally, it remains to be seen if ‘Gotham’ will keep to its current format of 22 episodes, rather than the initial 16 the DC drama had signed up for, before a last-minute extension.

And while ‘Gotham’ has proven a steady hit from the start, finding its way onto the list of 2014's most pirated series, ‘Empire’ too has done surprisingly well in its inaugural outings, the second episode achieving a rare feat in increased ratings from its season premiere.

We can’t say we’re honestly looking forward to another season of FOX’s ‘Gotham’ or any additional episodes for that matter, but what say you? Are you happy to have ‘Gotham’ and ‘Empire’ back for season 2, with ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ headed for season 3?

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