Look at these people and their pained smiles. They know something they’re not telling us. WHERE DID YOU HIDE THE BODIES?!?

This, of course, is the cast of the beloved ABC sitcom, Full House. The show is so beloved, in fact, that Netflix is currently working on a sequel series, Fuller House, that’s scheduled to debut on the streaming service on February 26. In the new show, recently widowed DJ Tanner-Fuller (Get it, fuller house? I SAID DO YOU GET IT?!? ANSWER ME.), moves back into her childhood home with her three sons. (On the original show, DJ was one of three daughters living in the house with her single dad). To help her carry the load of raising a big family on her own, her best friend Kimmy and sister Stephanie move in too. (On the original show, Saget’s best friend and brother-in-law moved in).

There’s some death and melancholy in that premise, but Full House was a goofy sitcom, with silly voices, memorable catchphrases, and the ever-adorable Olsen twins. So why the hell is the Fuller House teaser so freaking unsettling?

The quiet establishing shots over slow music; the slow zooms on the kitchen and the living room; the puppy that’s apparently been living in this house by itself, not aging, since Full House ended in 1995 — the whole thing is just damn creepy. So creepy in fact, that it works perfectly with horror movie music (“Old Maid” by Disasterpeace from the soundtrack to It Follows) laid on top of it. Take a look for yourself.

Don’t open that door! Comet the ghost puppy will find you! And then he’ll feast on your soul to remain young forever! Bah doo bah do bap bah-dow!

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