The first round of photos from FX's limited series 'Fargo' adaptation gave us good looks at the re-imagined series' cast, but with an April 15 premiere fast approaching, it's time for some actual footage, don't cha know! The first few teasers of our new 'Fargo' in action look awfully familiar, so take a look and find out why!

The first 'Fargo' teaser arrives from Entertainment Weekly, featuring Billy Bob Thornton's mysterious con man Lorne Malvo in a familiar sight, scraping the snow off his front windshield, just as William H. Macy's Jerry Lundegaard was forced to endure in the original Coen bros. film. A second teaser from IGN (we'll periodically update with the latest) features Russell Harvard and Adam Goldberg as "Mr. Wrench" and "Mr. Numbers," respectively, as the mob enforcer duo do their best to stuff a body into a frozen lake, breaking out a chainsaw, for lack of a wood chipper.

In addition, FX’s ‘Fargo’ features ‘Sherlock‘ star Martin Freeman as henpecked leading man Lester Nygaard, while Colin Hanks will portray Duluth Police Deputy Gus Grimly, a single father who finds himself faced with a choice between his own personal safety and his police duties, along with ‘Always Sunny' star Glenn Howerton as ambitious personal trainer Don Chumph, Kate Walsh as Gina Hess, a former stripper raising twin teenagers, Oliver Platt as supermarket king Stavros Milos, as well as roles for Joey King, Peter Breitmayer, Tom Musgrave, and Josh Close.

Take a look at all the latest 'Fargo' sneak peeks above and below, and tell us in the comments if you'll check out the April 15 premiere!