FX critical Cold War darling ‘The Americans’ has offered up its usual stylish and elegant teasers for the new 2015 season, but with ‘Sons of Anarchy’ screeching to a halt last night, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are finally reporting for duty. Our first new footage trailer of ‘The Americans’ season 3 brings plenty of flying bullets and international intrigue - plus, who’s getting busted?

Opening after the death of the Soviet Union’s Leonid Brezhnev (hey, we’re history nerds), the new season of ‘The Americans’ has all the gunplay, sexual intrigue and moral dilemmas you’ve come to love about the series, and just as many wigs as ever, judging by the trailer. We also get our first look at Frank Langella replacing Margo Martindale as Philip and Elizabeth’s old KGB handler.

Not only that, but the Jennings may finally bring their daughter Paige into the Soviet spy world, as teased in last season’s finale, though that may be a moot point if as Elizabeth ends up taken in by the police, from the looks of things. ‘The Americans’ will return for season 3 on January 28, 2015, but what do you think? Does the latest trailer for FX’s spy drama leave you cold with anticipation?

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