Not only will Game of Thrones bring us its traditional ninth episode bloodbath this Sunday with Season 6's “Battle of the Bastards,” but so too are a number of heroes and villains alike expected to fall. One Irish bookmaking site even put odds on the big deaths (there’s good news and bad), while enough report goes deep into the 500-extra shoot.

Granted, the vast majority of Sunday’s 60-minute runtime is expected to remain with the titular “Battle of the Bastards” between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton’s forces, Esquire consulted BoyleSports for some betting odds on the major deaths for the remainder of the season. The good news? Ramsay Bolton is at the top of the list, though the report leaves out characters we’re genuinely concerned for, like Tormund or Davos:

Ramsay Bolton: 1/3

Cersei Lannister: 11/4

Brienne of Tarth: 9/2

Tommen Baratheon: 9/2

Melisandre: 11/2

Margaery Tyrell: 8/1

Bronn: 9/1

Jon Snow: 9/1

Jamie Lannister: 10/1

Tyrion Lannister: 16/1

Theon Greyjoy: 16/1

The Hound: 20/1

Arya Stark: 33/1

Lord Varys: 33/1

Daenerys Targaryen: 33/1

While we’re at it, Entertainment Weekly also has a detailed writeup on director Miguel Sapochnik’s shoot, which included 25 days of filming, 160 tons of gravel, 500 extras, 600 crew members, 25 stuntmen and women and 70 horses. There was also a giant, but … you know, special effect, and all. Bonus photo!

Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards Death Odds

We’ll see it all for ourselves this coming Sunday, but is Ramsay Bolton officially a goner? Who else might end the season with those weird little rocks on their eyes?

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