Tonight’s Game of Thrones introduced the “High Sparrow” while keeping both faithful and divergent to George R.R. Martin’s books, giving us the best of both worlds. Fan-favorites crossed over, others met under entirely original circumstances. Our full review breaks down tonight’s shocking events for the big future of Game of Thrones Season 5!

Book reader or otherwise, you’re warned of all the Game of Thrones spoilers from here on out, as the “High Sparrow” brought two more major crossovers worthy of The Avengers themselves. Not only did the final moments of the hours see a desolate Jorah Mormont kidnapping Tyrion from a Volantis brothel visit, but so too did Sansa Stark return to Winterfell for her future husband Ramsay Bolton (oh yes), nearly encountering her foster brother Theon Reek in the process.

Tyrion’s presence within the hour proved admittedly brief, as the infamous imp finally escaped his latest entombment alongside Varys, only to find himself incapable of enjoying a local brothel’s company. With eyes seemingly agaze at every turn (Hi, Rila Fukushima!), Tyrion happened to catch the attention of another brothel patron, none other than the disgraced Jorah Mormont. The Bear quickly acted on his opportunity to get back in Daenerys’ good graces, unaware Tyrion had intended to do exactly that himself.

Game of Thrones High Sparrow Review Tyrion Jorah

Tyrion’s was hardly the biggest crossover of the week however, as Sansa discovered that Littlefinger’s convoy intended to return her to Winterfell, wherein she’d been promised to marry Ramsay Bolton to solidify their house’s grip on the North. Sansa naturally protested (as would book readers entirely unaware of this story’s heading), at least until Littlefinger urged her to stop settling in as a bystander to her family’s tragedy, embrace her position in the North, and finally make some justice for her family.

Game of Thrones High Sparrow Review Littlefinger Sansa
Game of Thrones High Sparrow Review Bolton Sansa

Sansa may have been made to embrace her heritage, though Arya was given the exact opposite task this week, as both Jaquen and a fellow apprentice of the House of Black and White pointed out that Arya held on to her past identity and possessions, rather than embrace the role of a Faceless Man, ergo, no one. Sure, Arya put up a front of wanting to follow in Jaquen’s footsteps, but when push came to shove, Arya couldn’t bear to part with dear Needle, burying the sword nearby, rather than chuck it in the bay with her past clothing.

And what does her new life as a Faceless (Wo)Man entail, exactly? Oh, you know, just stripping and washing dead bodies for mysterious purposes, of course.

Speaking of bodies, Kings’ Landing had quite a few on display this week, as King Tommen and Margaery finally tied the knot, and confirmed as such between the sheets (eww). Not one to waste any time, Margaery quickly set about manipulating her boy king to push Cersei out of Kings’ Landing and back to Casterly Rock, though Cersei seemed to find a new foothold in dealing with the titular “High Sparrow,” whose militant faithful set about accosting the current High Septon in Littlefinger’s brothel, before forcing him to walk the streets naked. Surely, that won’t come back to haunt anyone.

Meanwhile up in the North, Jon Snow seemed to settle into his new duties as Lord Commander, politely refusing Stannis’ offer to retake Winterfell as Jon Stark, but still dispensing plenty of justice on his own. Following a bit of advice from Stannis (and Davos), Jon resolved to keep a bitter Aliser Thorne close at hand with a premium position, but attempts to send away the troublesome Janos Slynt went far less smoothly.

Slynt flatly refused his Lord Commander’s decree to oversee another outpost, and found himself outside on a stump for his insolence. How’s that old saying of Ned Stark’s go? “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword?” Yeah, that’s the one. And Jon Snow certainly didnt’ forget it. Stannis approved, in a Stannis sort of way.

Game of Thrones High Sparrow Review Jon Janos

So, what other news to report from Westeros this week? Well, Brienne and Podrick had plenty of heart-to-heart, as Brienne relayed the origin of her relationship with Renly Baratheon, in which the king’s brother had danced with her at a ball, while the other lords all snickered at her so-called beauty. Brienne even offered to train Podrick as a knight, despite an inability to confirm the title herself. I tell you, I have a feeling about those crazy kids.

Well, what now? Will Jorah and Tyrion realize that their goals are one and the same, and where does that put poor Varys? Will Sansa recognize her adopted brother before marrying Ramsay Bolton, or will Ramsay’s own incensed ladyfriend put an end to their wedded bliss beforehand? Will Cersei’s new alliance with the “High Sparrow” finally give her the upper hand on Queen Margaery? Who’s going to de-tarp the still-kicking Mountain?

Stay tuned for more coverage of Game of Thrones season 5’s latest, check out our wishlist, and join us tomorrow for more coverage of Game of Thrones Season 5 and beyond!

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