Game of Thrones has taken the spoiler warnings against Season 6 far more seriously than guest star Ian McShane, who gladly confirms his appearance involves the return of a fan-favorite character. We had our likely guesses, sure, but now McShane almost explicitly confirms which of Game of Thrones’ fallen will return to hound us once more.

You’re warned of some minor Game of Thrones spoilers from here on out, but most have presumed that McShane will end up playing some rendition of literary character Septon Meribald or Elder Brother, the latter’s presence in A Feast for Crows heavily tied to the appearance of a Gravedigger believed to be a surviving Sandor “The Hound” Clegane.

Rory McCann had allegedly been spotted in Belfast, supporting rumors that the character would indeed return, while McShane borderline confirmed as much Radio 5 Live interview:

[My] character is like a former warrior who has renounced violence, and now leads this peace cult … around wherever they are. But also, I have nursed a beloved character, a much-loved character back to life, and it reintroduces … I won’t say ‘him,’ or ‘her,’ but it’s a character that’s much-loved who everyone thinks has died, but he’s not dead. Me and my band of peace-loving brothers and sisters have nursed him back to life, so it introduces him again. Who do you think it is?

It can only be The Hound, or Jon Snow.

Hmm, I’ll leave you with that one, I think you might guess which one it is. It’s not the latter. It might be the former.

Well, that’s … pretty cut and dry, especially given McShane repeatedly referred to “him” after making a point of saying “I won’t say ‘him,’ or ‘her,’” while the actor again emphasized the one-off nature of his own appearance. Perhaps a reminder that HBO can’t technically fire him for the candor.

In the meantime, check out the latest on the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere with additional teasers below, and stay tuned for April 24!

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