We’re only three episodes from the end of Game of Thrones Season 6, and conspiracy theorists are out in full swing, particularly when it comes to the long-awaited arrival of “Lady Stoneheart.” We’ve heard arguments back and forth as to whether the character would ever appear, but now an actor behind one of three mystery characters from “The Broken Man” is either having fun teasing fans, or about to get a call from HBO.

You’re warned of potential Game of Thrones spoilers from here on out, but fans are closer than ever to proving that a resurrected Catelyn Stark will finally appear as “Lady Stoneheart,” what with so many resurrections and surprise returns already permeating Season 6, while the “Brotherhood Without Banners” have become a hot topic in recent weeks. The three traveling men from Sunday’s “The Broken Man” never conclusively identified themselves as such, but now actor Jóhannes Haukur seems to confirm his role as literary character Lem Lemoncloak (via UPROXX):

Before tipping his hand to Lady Stoneheart theories, and coyly suggesting his inability to talk about it:

Unfortunate language aside, we’d guess that Haukur doesn’t enjoy the same kind of protections as Ian McShane, to suggestively hint toward major book returns without some measure of deniability, casting at least a little dirt on the flames. We already have to wonder what purpose Lady Stoneheart would serve with so few episodes remaining, let alone why a minor player would hint toward one of the series’ biggest twists as a lark.

We’ll find out for ourselves in the coming weeks, but are Lady Stoneheart truthers finally about to be rewarded?