Can it really be true? Has our long international nightmare ended? In the month or so since Game of Thrones Season 5 came to an end, fans and friends alike have scoured the world for every inclination that Kit Harington’s Jon Snow would return for Season 6 from a pointy end. Now, the actor has unequivocally been spotted returning to Belfast, Ireland, home to Game of Thrones filming, but what might it mean?

As collected by Watchers on the Wall reader Lucy, a new round of photos seemingly confirm Harington flying from London to Belfast on the same flight as Tom Wlaschiha (Jaquen H’Gar). Granted, a simple trip to Belfast might mean any number of things, and we’ve certainly seen actors returning to play their own corpse, but between an official sighting and the continually long hair, it seems overwhelmingly likely we’ve yet to see the last of Jon Snow.

Elsewhere of Game of Thrones Season 6, we know that casting has begun on a number of other new roles, several of which suggest we’ll follow Samwell Tarly on his departure from the Night’s Watch, while others seemingly confirm we’ll pick up with George R.R. Martin’s discarded Iron Islands subplots, and additional locations point to a number of flashbacks. Jon Snow isn’t the only deceased character supposedly returning, while HBO has also released a list of directors.

Game of Thrones will keep assuredly mum on its other Season 6 secrets, but is Jon Snow’s return official at last?

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