Winter is finally here, and so too has Game of Thrones already reached its finale. Season 7 is ready to launch us into its last episodes with a finale trailer that brings just about everyone to the table for the first time since Season 1.

While it remains to be seen if HBO can keep the 81-minute finale under wraps, Game of Thrones nonetheless released a first trailer for its as-yet-untitled Season 7 closer. In it, we’re relieved to see Grey Worm alive and well after “The Queen’s Justice,” but more than a little nervous about Cersei hosting Jon Snow, Tyrion and all the rest at the King’s Landing Dragonpit.

And seeing as the final season might not even shoot until October, hopefully next week’s finale can tie off loose threads like Yara, Ellaria Sand, Melisandre, and whatever Arya and Sansa are up to with Littlefinger. There’s also the matter of a certain King (cough) and his scaly new friend (cough, cough), who might just have the firepower to make it past a certain Wall (prolonged wheezing).

Read our review of Sunday’s “Beyond The Wall” in the meantime, and stay tuned for more on the road to next week’s Game of Thrones Season 7 finale.

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