Cold open or no, Game of Thrones seasons always set the tone by their first scenes. The eighth and final year may even begin with a particularly chilly reception, as reports of Season 8’s first scene could suggest Winterfell facing imminent danger.

Watchers on the Wall reports not only that Season 8 filming has resumed in Ireland, but also that filming may give us a clue to the final season’s opening scene. According to the report, the latest Game of Thrones filming took place in Moneyglass, the estate in Toome that serves as both exterior and courtyard of Winterfell. The opening scene itself is said to take place in “Winter Town” outside of Winterfell, “home to the smallfolk who look to House Stark for protection.” It’s also where we saw Brienne and Pod lodging as they waited for Sansa’s signal in Season 6.

Innocuous enough on its own, perhaps, but it’s worth remembering that our last Season 7 image saw the Night King and his army finally breaking through The Wall, and beginning their march south. Given their relentless undead pace, it won’t be long into Season 8 before the army starts coming across northern settlements and likely Winterfell itself. And what better way to open the final episodes than spotlighting some immediate threat or consequences to the series’ most famous locale?

Not to mention, star John Bradley also previously hinted that every major Game of Thrones character would visit some new territory in Season 8, which could suggest that Winterfell no longer serves as a base of operations for Sansa, Arya, Bran or Jon. There are plenty of “ifs” here, granted, but Season 8 would likely have good reason to ease us back in through the Winterfell townspeople’s perspective, before things start going horribly wrong.

It’s still a long road to the 2019 premiere, so stay tuned for the latest on Game of Thrones‘ final episodes in the meantime.

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