Just when you thought Adult Swim’s viral mind-warp Too Many Cooks had wormed its way out of your every waking moment, Smarf has made landfall in Westeros. A new mashup pits Too Many Cooks against the entire sprawling cast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and works surprisingly well.

The endless and absurdly-named roster of Game of Thrones characters makes the world of Westeros a perfect fit for a Too Many Cooks riff, as the mash-up video utilizes footage of the characters throughout the seasons. Granted, those looking to avoid many Game of Thrones spoilers may do well to sit this one out, as the bloodbath of Too Many Cooks predictably translates to a memorably bloody wedding.

Sadly, no one from the Game of Thrones universe comes alive and starts stalking or slashing the cast, but the HBO fantasy drama has plenty of built-in bloodbath for the transition. And hey, they even recreated the Falcon Crest bit with Kings’ Landing and a Three-Eyed Raven! That’s dedication.

Check out the Game of Thrones Too Many Cooks mashup above, but be warned, the theme will be back in your head until winter finally comes.