From Game of Thrones’ very beginning, fans have remained enthralled by the elaborate title sequence taking us to different branches of Westeros in a gorgeous animated map. Now, you can actually explore the immersive credits for yourself, thanks to a new official interactive 360-degree video.

No, it’s not actual blood magic (though it may as well be), but Game of Thrones released an official VR version of the famed opening credits, as put together by HBO, Facebook, Oculus and Elastic. The camera follows on a course, as in the real version, though you can look around during the entire process, catching more than a few easter eggs and views otherwise unavailable.

And before you ask, yes, you can look under the Titan of Braavos’ skirt. In a nutshell:

In any case, we’ll likely see an addition or two to the famed credits over the coming season, which premieres on April 24. Feel free to explore the world of Westeros (and its brass balls) until then.