The folks at AtheneLive are running a program called Gaming for Good, in which gamers can donate money towards charity and receive cool games in return.

Though giving is its own reward, donating to Gaming for Good can also net you some awesome games. According to the site, Every cent you give goes directly to Save The Children's PayPal. Depending on your donation, you'll be given points that you can then use to get games in the form of Steam keys and such.

All of the games have been donated by their respective developers and the list includes some pretty cool titles. Your altruistic ways can get you games like To The Moon, They Bleed Pixels, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Awesomenauts and even priority access to Infinite Crisis.

As of this writing, Gaming for Good has raised $4,145,916 out of $5.1M. If you'd like to consider donating, just head to the website here.