When you have as much money as George Lucas has (a number we common peasants can scarcely imagine, a secret number, known only to those of the one percent’s one percent), simple luxury begins to lose its luster. You can only pay so many models to hand-feed you grapes and gently fan you with palm fronds before it all gets a little tired, at which point a person starts looking for more meaningful ways to spend their money. Philanthropy was born from this impulse, and branding-obsessed Lucas has found the perfect act of humanitarianism that also befits his planet-sized ego: Founding a museum in which his Star Wars creations can be displayed for all the world, and then slapping his name on it.

Alright, alright, maybe that’s a little ungenerous of me. The Hollywood Reporter indicates that the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will bring more than just Star Wars memorabilia to Los Angeles when it opens in May 2020. A new preview of the planned project teases a diverse collection of visual art, including works by everyone from Norman Rockwell to Robert Crumb. In addition to models of X-Wings and concept art of the unfinished C-3PO from Phantom Menace, Lucas’ newest project will feature the paintings of Edgar Degas and the digital art of Andy Warhol. A little bit of naked self-aggrandizement with some genuine championing of the arts — can’t ask for much more than that.

Feel free to peruse the collection over at the museum’s official web site, where Star Wars superfans and art lovers in general can share in appreciation for Lucas’ efforts. It’ll be a few years until the gigantic, futuristic-looking complex comes to L.A., but when it does, the world-famous LACMA will have some fresh competition.

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