Despite the fact that HBO still hasn't acknowledged an official third season pickup of 'Girls' outside of Lena Dunham's tacit confirmation to Alec Baldwin, the Golden Globe-winning show picks up again this Sunday with what could prove to be one of the hotly debated series' most divisive episodes yet, "Bad Friend." You don't have to wait until Sunday for a sneak peek, however, so check out the first two minutes of Sunday's all-new 'Girls' episode "Bad Friend" inside!

After last season's 'Girls' episode "Welcome to Bushwick A.K.A. The Crackcident" proved to be one of its most memorable yet, the show's second season is dipping into the drug well once again as Hannah undertakes a dangerous new writing assignment for a freelance gig. Will Hannah's partying ways take her too far, wrecking a few friendships in the process?

HBO has released an all-new clip of the opening to Sunday's 'Girls' episode, wherein the downtrodden Hannah finally gets a chance to do a real, edgy writing assignment. Elsewhere, Marnie once again runs into Booth Jonathan ('The Lonely Island's' Jorma Taccone) but will the two share the same spark now that Charlie is out of the picture?

Watch the latest preview of Sunday's all-new 'Girls' episode "Bad Friend" below, and tell us what you think of the season so far in the comments!