As if the monster ratings, critical buzz and recent Golden Globe wins weren't enough of a guarantee already, HBO's Lena Dunham-fronted, Judd Apatow-produced 'Girls' is inches from being officially approved for season 3. The possibility of a third season was floated around months ago when Apatow revealed that Dunham had already begun writing scripts, and while HBO remains mum about a confirmation, Dunham herself has confirmed a March production date for 'Girls' season 3. Find out the latest from 'Girls' inside!

HBO's 'Girls' might only be two episodes into its sophomore season, but HBO would be crazier than Adam not to renew the Lena Dunham-helmed series for season 3. The network continues to keep quiet about confirming the official renewal, but Variety has run with Lena Dunham's recent comments on Alec Baldwin's "Here's the Thing" podcast, in essence confirming that 'Girls' will return for season 3 in the future.

Lena Dunham: Starting season 3. Well, we’re starting season 3 and —

Alec Baldwin: When?

Lena Dunham: We’re starting at the end of March. I’m so excited.

HBO likely has a few details to iron out before making an official announcement, but consider it a near-certainty Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa will return to Brooklyn for a third year, likely in 2014. In the same podcast, Baldwin even teased that he'd love to play Hannah Horvath's therapist in a third season, to which Dunham tacitly accepted.

Dunham also revealed that she'd prefer to do a somewhat longer season the third time around, potentially airing 12 half-hour episodes as opposed to 10. "I don’t have any desire in doing like, you know, a 22 episode – I don’t even understand how someone does the 22-episode marathon," says the star. "But I do think that doing – I think that a little more would be just a little more storytelling real estate and it would be amazing."

Well, what say you? Do you think 'Girls' season 3 is all but assured? How have you enjoyed the first two episodes of season 2?