Amid the mixed criticisms of Lena Dunham and HBO's 'Girls' that plagued the first season, the most publicly confronted was that of the show's lack of diversity among its characters, an oversight that many believed 'Community' star Donald Glover's casting in season 2 would address. Dunham has long stated on record that Glover's casting arose before the criticism, but has recent episode "I Get Ideas" created another debate on the show's quality? Find out what Dunham herself has to say of Glover's role on 'Girls' season 2 inside!

Those who caught last night's 'Girls' episode "I Get Ideas" were likely disappointed to see Donald Glover's role as Hannah's new boyfriend Sandy dispatched so quickly, albeit with such a meta commentary on criticism of the show itself. In the episode, the character took to criticizing Hannah Horvath's essay, in a plot many deemed a commentary on the show's real-world critics.

Dunham herself, cast, creator and recent Golden Globe winner of the acclaimed HBO series spoke to Vulture, explaining the origin of Glover's casting as well as the decision to use his role to address certain criticisms. “We cast Donald because of a love of his work," says Dunham. "But having such a conscientious person with so many particular opinions on the topic, it seemed only correct that we should play around together on that.”

Donald raps a lot about his relationship to being like a hipster black guy and the fact that he’s been in like a very white comedy scene and a very white like indie music scene — he has that lyric about being the only black guy at the Sufjan Stevens show — so he had a lot to say on the topic.

Dunham also elaborated that a boyfriend's criticism of her work had been rooted in real life experience, as a prior beau of her own took issue with her writing abilities around the time of Dunham's breakout indie film 'Tiny Furniture.' "It’s important to me to receive constructive criticism and I don’t want to be with a yes man, but I want to be with somebody who at the very baseline level thinks that I’m talented and takes what I do seriously," says the star. "I couldn’t be attracted to someone if they made work that I found absurd."

It remains to be seen if Glover will return in any upcoming episodes, but what say you? Do you think Donald Glover's 'Girls' season 2 appearance addressed criticisms about the show? How are you liking the new season thus far? Check out a new preview of next Sunday's "Bad Friend" below, and tell us what you think in the comments!