The end of of the inaugural season of 'Girls' is barely a few days old, and Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) must still be reeling from her latest break-up, but already HBO has her on the rebound.  As season 2 continues filming in Brooklyn, 'Girls' has just picked up an older gentleman to potentially recur as Hannah's new love interest.  Did we mention he's a doctor?

TVLine reports that 'Girls' season 2 has recruited 'Watchmen' and 'A Gifted Man' star Patrick Wilson for a major arc in the show's 2013 sophomore run.  Having just finished his run as a doctor on CBS' now-cancelled 'A Gifted Man,' Wilson will next portray Joshua...a doctor...albeit one who lives next to Hannah's place of work, and could potentially find his way into her love-life.

Elsewhere, season 2 of HBO's talked-about comedy will feature an appearance from 'Community' star Donald Glover, purportedly in response to the season 1 allegations of lacking diversity on the cast, though it remains unknown if Glover will represent any kind of love interest for Hannah as well.  No stranger to film, Wilson is most recently coming off of his own CBS drama 'A Gifted Man,' though mediocre ratings and a Friday night time slot led to the network passing on an additional season.

'Girls' will pick up in 2013, but what say you?  Does Wilson seem like a good fit for the neurotic Hannah?  What would you like to see from the second season?  Sound off in the comments below!

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