Shortly before the season 2 premiere of 'Girls,' which saw Hannah (Lena Dunham) moved in with her friend and former boyfriend Elijah (Andrew Rannells), Rannells himself regretabbly announced that he would only be present for four episodes before commitments to NBC's 'The New Normal' forced him to depart. Now, 'The New Normal' remains on the bubble for NBC, but Rannells at least has confirmed he'll return for an unknown number of season 3 episodes. Find out about the upcoming 'Girls' inside!

Anrew Rannell's character Elijah may have departed 'Girls' early on this season, but don't expect the character to remain absent forever. Regardless of whether or not NBC's 'The New Normal' continues on for a second season, Rannells told he would indeed return for a portion of the upcoming third season, which begins production in New York in April.

"It’s very exciting ... I don’t know what’s in store," said the 'Book of Mormon' star. "But my fingers are crossed that I’ll come back at least for a little bit more. I’m super excited for that, I’m looking forward to it." Rannells character Elijah last appeared in the season's fourth episode, having been kicked out of Hannah's apartment for an impulsive decision to sleep with Marnie (Alison WIlliams).

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