We're just days away from the season 2 premiere of HBO's Judd Apatow-produced, Lena Dunham-helmed dramedy 'Girls,' but already there's a bit of bad news. Whereas the first season finale "She Did" set things up so that 'The New Normal' star Andrew Rannells' character Andrew would move in with Hannah (Dunham) for season 2, it seems the arrangement isn't going to last. Find out how Andrew Rannells departs 'Girls' season 2 inside!

Sunday, January 13 will see the long-awaited return of HBO's 'Girls,' continuing the misanthropic misadventures of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna for another year through the diverse Brooklyn landscape. And while 'Girls' season 2 has a number of high-profile guest stars lined up, it seems 'The Book of Mormon' and 'The New Normal' star Andrew Rannells won't be among them for long.

Even though season 2 of the buzzy HBO comedy will premiere with Rannell's character Elijah moved in with former girlfriend Hannah, Rannells' interview with The Huffington Post reveals that the character will only be present through the season's fourth episode. Unsurprisingly, much of Rannells' departure owes to his lead role in NBC's 'The New Normal.'

I'm the luckiest guy in the world that I had this opportunity to do both of these shows, and it does come down to a scheduling thing and a timing thing. I was completely heartbroken...I mean, if I could be hanging out with Hannah all the time I would. So yes, I miss them terribly.

Still, Rannells' assured viewers that the brief stint would result in "a very eventful season for Elijah," with plenty of drama to go around. In addition to the other trailer and photos of the coming season, we also know that ‘Girls’' sophomore season will also include Rita Wilson as Marnie’s mother, Patrick Wilson as a dreamy doc love interest of Hannah’s, Donald Glover as another new love interest for Hannah, and Shiri Appleby as a new romantic foil for Adam. We’ve seen the first few episodes, but we’re not telling!

What say you? Are you disappointed Andrew Rannells won't stick around for more of 'Girls' season 2? Check out the new trailer, and tell us in the comments if you'll watch the January 13 premiere!