In case you haven't heard, a little movie called 'Pacific Rim' is opening this weekend. The sci-fi epic was directed and co-written by Guillermo del Toro, a man who has practically ascended to God-like status in the movie geek community. In honor of the man, we're asking you to vote for your favorite movie of his! Lord knows he's made a few really good ones.

What's cool about del Toro is that even though he has a distinct style, no two movies of his are alike. You look at the Spanish-language efforts, like 'Cronos,' 'The Devil's Backbone' and 'Pan's Labyrinth,' and contrast their poetic, simple style with the colorful mayhem of his action flicks, like 'Blade 2' and the 'Hellboy' movies, and you see a director that speaks several different film languages.

Now comes 'Pacific Rim,' which is also quite unlike anything the man has made before, with its massive scope and ambitious storyline. There's no question that del Toro is playing in a much larger sandbox this time, although the movie is still unmistakably his.