Sometimes it seems like conspiracies are all around us. It’s enough to make you want to put on a tin foil hat and go hide in the basement for a couple years. Before you go, though, here’s something fun: Whoever owns the website has set it to redirect to the official White House website, and specifically to the page with President Donald Trump’s biography.

The Hollywood Reporter did a little digging on the site’s owners. Here’s what they found:

It's unknown who set up the redirect, but the URL was originally registered back in 2014 by someone in the Australian town of Nobby Beach, Queensland. The redirect would appear to have been set up in the middle of last month, with the last update to the site showing as April 16 — far in advance of recent political upheaval that only underscores the popular conspiracy theory that President Trump is attempting to obstruct investigations into potential ties to Russia by firing FBI Director James Comey.

Entertainment Weekly reached out to Marvel and the White House for comment but so far, they’ve gotten bupkis in return. They also note that Marvel Comics is currently in the midst of a controversial storyline called Secret Empire, in which Captain America is revealed to be a lifelong sleeper agent for Hydra. (Technically, the universe has been rewritten by the Red Skull through the use of the Cosmic Cube.) Afterwards, he takes over the country and installs himself as dictator. So there’s all kinds of things intertwining here; like I said, it’s a great time for tin-foil hats.

It could be worse, though. There could be a porn website at Thank goodness for small favors. (And hail Hydra.)

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