I don’t know if you heard, but Marvel had quite the Comic-Con this past weekend. From new Thor: Ragnarok trailers, to special footage of Black Panther, and Captain Marvel movie details, it was hard not to have something to look forward to from the Marvel Universe. The big reveals didn't stop with the Marvel Studios panel however. Merchandising partner Hasbro had a lot of Marvel tricks up its sleeve, too. With new Defenders figures, Deadpool collectibles, and throwback toys, Comic-Con 2017 was one of Marvel Legends’ strongest yet.

First things first, while Marvel Legends’ Netflix Defenders wave should be hitting stores within the next month, a comic book version of the same team is coming in an exclusive box-set. Amazon will host this collection of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jewel (aka Jessica Jones), which comes in nice window box with comic art and bios for each of the characters included. I’m glad Jessica Jones’s superhero alter-ego is getting an action figure in 6” scale, but I'm a little bummed it comes with the third Iron Fist in as many years. We get it already, Hasbro.

While the Defenders getting a box set was cool, for my money, the ToyBiz Vintage line is going to be the big draw for collectors whenever it comes out. Taking some inspiration from Star Wars Black's recent 40th Anniversary vintage series, the six-figure collection calls back to the 5” ToyBiz figures of the ‘90s, with decos more in line with what characters looked like back then. The card art has a bit more of a modern vibe, and the accessorization is better, but the general gist is perfect. Even if you already own the base Legends versions of these figures, the bubble card packaging does make for a nice display piece if you can manage not to tear them open.

Elsewhere, Hasbro announced new figures coming for the Black Panther tie-in wave (Namor and Black Bolt), and teased a new Black Panther, Shuri, and Klaw for the line. Spider-Man’s next wave will feature a Lizard build-a-figure, along with Gwenpool, Spider-Punk and Mysterio. Another X-Men wave is promised for 2018 featuring an Apocalypse build-a-figure, but in the meantime, a Deadpool wave will host X-23, Cable, Domino, Deathlok, and a ‘90s Deadpool.

Deadpool is getting more than just a special wave of Legends figures however. He's also getting his own Monopoly game, two new 12” Legends repaints, a 3.75” rainbow assortment, and new Nerf Rivals blasters. Due in 2018, the two-pack of Rivals weapons includes special paint deco that gives them a bit of Wade Wilson’s personalization, as well as a chimichanga and some nice box art. The Nerft set will be available exclusively at Gamestop.

Most of the collectibles revealed don’t have concrete release dates just yet, but most are on track for a 2018 release. You can take a look at the full complement below, and try not to freak out about how many new shelves you're going to have to get next year.

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