With more than 160 figures currently available or in development, Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series has given fans from all eras of the saga action figures to properly decorate a home. At Toy Fair just a few short months ago, there weren’t many updates for the Black Series on hand. Turns out, Hasbro was just keeping its secrets for Star Wars Celebration. At the show, new figures and vehicles were shown off for the very first time, offering a glimpse into the year ahead for Star Wars Black.

This weekend’s announcements were all about the bad guys, though the light side of the galaxy got a bit of love too. However, even the awaited Jaina Solo figure couldn’t outshine the news that Grand Moff Tarkin and Grand Admiral Thrawn were coming to the Black Series. Tarkin’s return in Rogue One gave Hasbro all the impetus it needed to push the figure into development, and the fan-favorite villain is captured perfectly in 6" scale. He even comes with the infamous torture droid so you can interrogate Rebel scum whenever you want.

Thrawn is a Legends character, but this incarnation is based on his resurgence on Star Wars Rebels. He makes the fifth character from Rebels to earn a Black Series figure, though more established heroes like Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper are MIA. So is the announced Hera by the way. Her not being on display at Celebration isn’t necessarily a cause for concern (yet), but it was certainly strange.

Anyway, back to Thrawn. His figure looks great, and it captures the personality of the Imperial threat quite well. Though he’ll be getting a standard figure, Thrawn was announced as one of Hasbro’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, and that package is a bonkers set. The box has a fantastic design with some spot gloss, and opens to reveal Thrawn in his trophy room, which is filled with plenty of accessories.

Of course, we’d be remiss in not talking about the Fan Vote winner Jaina Solo getting her action figure due. She beat out some tough competition  and thankfully Darth Talon — to earn the right to be one of the first true original Expanded Universe characters to get a Black Series toy. She comes in dark Jedi Knight clothing, with an X-wing helmet and vest, which will be removable for the very first time.

To create her head sculpt, Hasbro’s designers went back and took inspiration from both Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher to craft a version of what they believed Han Solo and Leia Organa’s child might look like a bit grown up. The trademark Solo smirk is there, but Jaina has her mother’s eyes, and thankfully, her sharp, royal features as well. This is exactly the right kind of fan service the Black Series needed, and fans will be very happy once the final figure arrives within the next year.

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