For all that Star Wars has done for the action figure market since the 1970s, it hasn't quite had the same presence in the doll arena. While there have certainly been attempts to make some headway in that world, Star Wars has seemingly been content to rule the pegs in other aisles. This week however, a much more concerted effort into the world of action dolls was announced, and the world got it’s first look at Star Wars: Forces of Destiny at Star Wars Celebration.

After the success of Mattel’s DC Super Hero Girls line  which won Toy of the Year at Toy Fair 2017  more brands taking notice of the hunger for action dolls was inevitable. Though more fashion-focused lines like Monster High, Disney Princess, and Barbie haven’t had any trouble moving units, the way in which fans flocked to the DC Super Hero Girls in 2016 was illuminating. Combining animated shorts (seen on YouTube), direct-to-video features, comics, clothing and toys aimed squarely at an underserved demographic was a calculated move that paid off in huge dividends for Mattel and DC.

It was hard not to take notice, and judging by the prototypes on display at Star Wars Celebration this weekend, Hasbro will give the superhero high schoolers a run for their money. All of the figures combine soft goods and sculpted features to present a stylized take on the likes of Leia Organa, Jyn Erso, Rey, Sabine Wren and more. While Amidala and Ahsoka have been promised, they weren’t on display at the show, but the figures that were give you a bit of an idea of what to expect.

Certain figures will include a minimum of accessories like weapons and small wardrobe options. Others will get slightly more elaborate packaging, like Endor Leia who gets Wicket and a second set of clothes to change into. Unlike some competitors, male figures will also be part of this line, though they too will be stylized to fit in with the Forces of Destiny brand. Luke and Chewbacca were shown, with Luke clearly getting the better design. Whoever had the unenviable task of creating a doll version of Chewie, I feel for you, I do. This is not a good figure, doll, toy or anything of the like though. It’s a nightmare given physical form.

The first wave of Forces of Destiny figures will be available on August 1, though what that wave consists of remains to be seen. Still, with competitive pricing and heroic characters that are beloved by fans young and old, it’s hard to imagine these figures staying on shelves regardless of who is included in the first assortment.

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