The prospect sure seemed surprising when it was first announced that writer/director Christopher Guest was looking to take his talents to TV, but now it's been set in stone that the 'Best in Show' director will develop a new comedy for cable.  Guest's 'Family Tree' will hit the airwaves sometime in the near future, but what network opted to pick up the series, and who have they gotten to star in the project?

As TV becomes an increasingly popular medium, even among film directors, HBO has confirmed that Christopher Guest will be the next big name to take his talents to the small screen.  Thought a start date hasn't yet been set, Guest will take to series his half-hour project 'Family Tree,' staring 'Bridesmaids' actor Chris O'Dowd.

Guest (‘Best in Show,’ ‘This is Spinal Tap’) along with creative partner Jim Piddock's series will be a largely improvised genealogy comedy that follows efforts of a recently unemployed and single 30-year-old man as he attempts to track down his real family after receiving a mysterious box from a previously unknown great aunt.  His research leads him on a journey to uncover a plethora of unusual stories and characters, which help him to establish a better sense of his own identity.

Both Guest and Piddock are set to appear on the series themselves, which will also air on BBC2.  Guest's fellow 'Best in Show' partner Karen Murphy will also co-produce.

What say you?  Do you think Christopher Guest's 'Family Tree'  on HBO would literally be best in show?   What other stars and Guest collaborators will round out project?  Tell us if you’ll watch the new series in the comments!

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